Interview with scholarship winner dela hini sln

Student network "Student life" recently sat with the winner of our scholarship for peace and justice presented by The Hate U Give. Read to learn about Dela Hini and the project that ated us

I'm in the third year of sociology program, but my friend year as a student at UBCO. I'll fill in the bachelor's degree in sociology and small political science

In fact, it was a bit of a trial and a mistake. I started a universal in engineering and specialization in electrical engineering, putting on MASc in biological engineering at the end of the university. In my heart, I've always wanted to help people with my work, and at that time (after school) I thought engineering was a way to do it. I was also very interactive-volved as a student leader, and my work in different clubs (plus the fact that it's not really good in the calculations) pushed me to deploy another area of research. In the second year of my third year, I realized that engine was not the best option for me, and I started studying art to explore my possibilities. It was my second time in the class of sociology (first year in my first year as an optional), and the subject just was pressed. As the semester extended the work, I found the materials in fact and turned to my natural tales, so I decided to make a switchboard. I loved him ever since

You can read more about my switch in my blog

Again, this is what I really choise! I really wanted to go to Vancouver-Vancover so I could live in the lower mainland and be closer to my brothers. However, I have only agreed to the Okanagan campus. I like, "Okay, it's still good, because I love UBC and I'll just stay here for a year and then." But as soon as I got here, I saw the mounts, met some Incredible sounds and found that the size of a small campus and the feeling of community were great for me!

The vision of what should be PBP was a collective brainiah from the entire A.S.A. leaders. A.S.A. UBCO Science and Students Association, which was founded in September 2018. In my engineering case, I saw that we had a solid connection, as well as the faculty, but Irving can't be told the same thing. Barber School of Arts and Sciences (Barber School of Arts and Sciences), the largest department of UBCO, and the one in which I am now registered. I would like to create something that could bring people together; something where we could support each other and work well, as in engineering society for engineering students. So I ended off some of my friends, and we started

A.S.A. includes three main components: student outriach, professional development and community enforcement. With regard to the latter, we would like to see the students participants in the community of Kelowna and our Vice-President, at the same time, proposed that something be done to make unsaid products of feminine hygiene to homeless women. All A.S.A. The perettrator is a woman, and this idea was something that we all fall to make reality. So, in fact, it was a team that came up with what we did for our community of interaction, and from there I worked with the concept to develop what we have today as Pink Backpack Project. I saw that collecting elements for marginal women is what we could develop in a full-collapsed project, and from there I I started brainstorming, how we could expand the vision to have a permanent presence as part of the A.S.A. Project portfolio. My research sent me to UN SDG (which inspoke the project name) and to contact various partners on camptus for support

If I'm completely honest, it's slow. We were able to identify critical characters on campus, some student volumes, and we also have a target organization for our crime, that is, Klowna's H.O.P.E. Advocacy, an organization that feeds the most marginalized women of Okanagan. We have not been able to collect our target number of transferred goods within one of them, so we are now moving our strategic approach, so we can have more final results at the end of the second term

One of them is definitely related to the fact that all It is easy to have a dream as a student, but it is difficult to actuate. This is even more difficult if you also need to make about the upcoming medium term or paid rent for this month. Never, it was a Fantastic for me as the president of the club and the project manager for PBP. It was humiliating me to assess what I can and can't accept, and I'm still learning how to effectively delegate this so that the team can avouuid muout

Months to A.S.A. were even names or PBPs were dispelled, I watched a mini documentary film on "How do homeless women do their periods?" In the document, there are a lot of homeless women who live on the streets of New York for much of their lives. The intersection of oppression faced by these people, such as women who are homeless, was broken into the heart and stayed with me. As a sociological student and a person who has always been from a social point of view, I was aware of the oppressive systems that exist around me, and I use my education as a tool to find out how I can target these systems. When the idea of PBP came up, I actually jumped on it because I thought, " That's great! It's a way that we can get information about the fact that there's inequality in our city, and it's really something to do with it! "

My communication skills, writing skills, working to help others, my disability, and my ability to remain non-working as long as it doesn't work

This is just the beginning of the PBP! As you know, "pink" in the title of the project is from the color of the 10th UN Sustainable Development Goal "Reducing Inequality", and that is what we are trying to do in our city. I want PBP to be something that mobiles studers to address inequality. This needs to be done to ensure women's hygiene in marginal women, and in the future we can increase support for older or marginalized young people. The most important is to increase our presence on campuses so that students know who we are and what we are, so we can get more support and infection the community

It's not easy, but I'm trying. I've been an active leader since I started university and even in high school, and for many years I've discovered that it's about setting priorities and how you can take it. Time management will only take you off if you're a bad one, and that's what I really needed last semester. In fact, this is about managing expectations, taking into account what is realm, and leaves room for error. I try to make a balance, but it's a constant process

I'd say he's on your camera or your community! Inequality can be reducedin in many ways, from volunteer work in a shelter for the homeless, in order to get information about what the oppressed face is. At the same time, I think that reading inequality begins with the understanding that inequalityinetics who want to start the change begin with how they see the world and themselves. You will be interviewed in the world around you, because this is a key right in the recognition of areas that need change

For online content, I love the website of Thomas Frank: Geek Info Geek (

When it comes to books, I actually like "How to become a straight student" Cal Newport. I read first before I started my first year at the university, and it helped me die how I would be doing science. It is still applicable to me today, and especially now that I am a major, and I have to learn different, because it has practical tips for time management and time management tips

Another book I really like is Botius ' s consolation of phone. " It's a philological text, and I appreciate it, because it challenges my life and what I do at a personal and close personal level. All my participation and study leadership is not approved for me if I did not seek to be the best version of myself, and I believe that reading and other works (e.g., C.S. Lewis) is helping to keep me under house arrest and ended corners

"Move forward."

In fact, I was inserted by people who are using their efforts to support others and who are also depopore of their journey. The model of the role that meets these criteria is Larissa Crawford, the last grant of the University of York. I came to find out about Crawford by his Instagram account. She documented her exchange in Istanbul, and I followed her account because I lied her positive energy and love for life. In past years, I've seen her grow as a leader, become a mother and protect those who could not otherwise have a voice. Its projects now include anti-racism and indigenous justice, as well as awareness of the chronic pain of suffering. I find her work very attractive because she attributes to it and shows great flexible

Other role models include Gina Luckenkemper (University student and German Olympian on the road), Patricia Braith (British Youtuber, entrepeneur and business woman), Lupita Nyong'go (actress, director and activist), and Samir Bawumi (Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana)

For high school students: to be open to buresses, to be open to new things, and most of them enjoy travellings! The university is a great opportunity to take new challenges and discover who you are and who you want to be. And if you change great, believe me, it will work the way it is!

For stwing studios, be bold, brave, and, most important, yourself. The world needs you to be the best option for yourself if you're going to change it!

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