You don't want to believe in the story of this student

It wasn't easy, but this Canadian student left the refugees for a fully funded graduate student

This year, 11 distinguished Canadian students won Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University. These students will receive postgraduate scholarships in order to support their future training courses, the cost of which exceeds $90,000 per year and costs for at least two years

It remembers the past

"When I realized the opportunities for education in Canada, I didn' t want to throw it away."

Annette's story didn' t start in Canada. Her family fled the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Uganda when Annette was a child. There she grew up until 2011, when they arrived in Winnipeg. In the end it will be issued in October 2018 with BA (Honours) in Psychology, even in the list of honorable awards of Dean. She explained to us that this experience had a significant impact on its researchers

Therefore, she wants to review her past as a refugee, as well as a global debate on refugees in general. " I do not want to ignore the traumatic experience of refugees during resettlement, but I believe there is another story to be heard. Deprivation of people only in terms of their difficulties does not serve them well. I would like the refugees to be resilient, their successes, which could be highlighted in our courses. It is a way of adding humane elements when it comes to this group of people with diverse experiences. The same applies to other immigrant groups. "

Even though her parents, by freeing her from adversity, Annette still had to grow constantly adjusting to new systems and cultures, "I never thought that this uncertainty could be a lesson, but there is a growing realization that life has always left its own limitations, and you just have to roll with the punches, make me stand and understand."

To live in the present

"Over the past two weeks, I've realized that this scholarship is bigger and bigger than I thought."

Annette's life has undoubtedly changed forever as a result of this award. Of course, her family wasn't surprised. Her sister even bet on $100 she'd get a scholarship. We think Annette will probably be fine to pay for this

It's the same sister who gave her an invaluable advice: "You don't have the right to complain if you don't do something to make it better." It was up to Anit, and she has since applied this attitude to all aspects of her life

But now it's easy to say. The beating of the odds is not small, and it explains to us that the way "persevere" is to " remind ourselves of a bigger picture. It is easy to complain and focus on where everything has been different, but recalling why this process matters. "

It's definitely not too short for inspiration. She read out Cecil Kiyanga, the first black member of the cabinet in Italy, for leadership, Oprah Winfrey for perseverance, Dr. Lori Wilkinson for intellect, her father for honesty, and her mother for his dedication

It will read, "perseverance, self-discipline, and optimism" as the skills necessary for its success. But these features are not only growing in trees. However, to learn more about the story of Anita, it is easy to see where they came from

Let' s take a look at the future

"I would like to be a clinical psychologist working with immigrants and minorities."

Annette is already looking into the future, using the past to give her opportunities. It plans to examine the psychology and sustainability of immigrants and refugees, such as it, in studies on refugees and forced migration. She wants to keep track of her resilience and move to new places and eventually work as a clinical psychologist

All types of career were held in the past. She told us that she wanted to "continue to be a researcher and hope to share her experience with clinical students in the country of birth (Democratic Republic of the Congo), taking into account the historical and cultural roots"

Where will she end up after Oxford? She hopes for "somewhere in Canada, even though our weather makes me think twice about this decision."

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